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Lezlie's Cremation Beads

Capture a memory of a loved one through Lezlie’s custom cremation beads. A true keepsake capturing the personality, story and essence of your loved one.

Each bead is made one at a time using a torch and coloured glass rods. A layer of glass is melted and can be decorated in a multitude of colours, metallics (silver or gold foil, and dichroic glass). Images, words and symbolism can be added to the beads. People often choose the person’s favourite colours, and symbolism or memories unique to that person. Then the molten glass is rolled into the ashes, sticking to the glass. A layer of clear glass is added, encasing the ashes. Some of the ashes may be exposed in certain places and sometimes during the reheating the encasing layer causes the ashes to bubble to the surface, which adds character.

Custom bead prices range from $50 – $200+, depending on the size, shape and detail. Other objects can be custom created for you, such as marbles, paperweights and vessels. It is popular to wear the beads on a chain or cord or created with large holes to fit Pandora style beads to fit bracelets. Chains, cords and leather necklaces and bracelets are available upon request.

*Please note shipping is not included with cremation beads*

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Cremation Beads - Custom Beads - One of a Kind - Remember Your Loved Ones - By Lezlie Artist Canada