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By Lezlie The Beauty of Simple Materials Bead Blog Aurora

The Beauty of Simple Materials

Time flies! It’s hard to believe my website has already been live for one month! I’d like to thank Gavin and Melissa and the team at Ripe Resolution for giving me the website I envisioned. And I’d also like to give a shout out to Deanna at Rosewood VA for her coaching, Instagram lessons and her ongoing support.

It seems that life truly does come full circle. This past year has been all about revisiting the different types of media I fell in love with in my early days. The beauty of having skills and knowledge in so many different traditions is that I can solve most creative challenges, and keep all of my work unique and one of a kind. This is what always keeps me so motivated! 


An Early Beginning with Beads and More

Beads were my first love as a child. Bead looms and a wonderful bag of treasured beads from my Grandma ignited my passion for artistic creation! Then came macramé. Where I would knot wall hangings and plant hangers for endless hours.

I learned to sew around the age of nine from my Grandfather who had been a tailor in Poland. This quickly evolved into working with

leather and discovering all the amazing potential it holds. I majored in textiles and silversmithing in college but it was the leather that always drew me back. My final project in college was a woven piece with leather that ended up being purchased by the Dean of the college!!!

When my kids were young I moved back to beads, which led to my great love of glass! Lampworking glass is the one thing I can honestly say is my meditation. When I am melting glass is probably the only time I am really at peace and one with myself. I realize this every single time I sit at my torch and all the crazy thoughts in my head grow quiet!!!

A Reconnection

This year I have found myself reconnecting to each and every one of these materials. Drawing and photography for my leather bags, inkle weaving bands for belts and purse straps, seed beading my latest insects, and metalwork to compliment glass and leather.

There just are not enough hours in a day to actually complete all the ideas and inspirations in my head! I hope you enjoy following my creative journey as much as I enjoy making each and every piece!

At the moment I am very busy preparing for the one of a kind show. Revamping my booth and finishing up lots of new bags, featuring my one of a kind lampwork beads! I’d love to see you at the show November 22 – December 2 booth I21. Come check it out!

Thanks for stopping by. You can find out more about me and the things I create on Instagram, or Facebook.

Until Next Time!


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